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Battery Charging


Warning! Charging batteries without due care can cause the battery to swell and even explode. The information presented here is basic and should only be used as a rough guide in combination with other sources. When in doubt, set your charge rates low and increase only through successful experience.
Lithium Ion (li-ion)The modern battery chemistry. This and similar variations power things from cars to phones and tablets.Nickel Metal Hydrid (nimh)The modern consumer rechargeable. Most commonly found in AA and AAA sizes for toys and remote controls.Nickel Cadmium (ni-cad)The original consumer rechargeable. Lower energy density than most alternatives but has its uses.Lead AcidTried and true for over 100 years, but its age is starting to show.AlkalineThe non-rechargeable. So why is it here? Turns out not so non-rechargeable after all...kind of.