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Warning! Charging batteries without due care can cause the battery to swell and even explode. The information presented here is basic and should only be used as a rough guide in combination with other sources. When in doubt, set your charge rates low and increase only through successful experience.


Your classic consumer battery. Comes in all kind of shapes and sizes and has excellent shelf-life and capacity. These batteries perform best in low discharge situations where 2-3 times the normal capacity can be realized.


Although typically not considered to be rechargeable, they can be recharged but it must be done slowly. I've had good success in the past with AA and AAA batteries, and mixed results with 9volt models. 20mA charge rate is a good place to start but then if the battery has around 2000mAh capacity, you're looking at a full week for a full recharge. Different models will likely perform differently than others but the one thing that is for sure, is that you'll have to be patient.


I haven't seen this consistently but likely if an alkaline battery is fully discharged it will take some permanent damage (they're not made for recharging after all). This means that the battery will likely suffer from self-discharge where it didn't before. If you intend to recharge these cells, it's recommended you don't discharge them all the way.