Faster Than Light (FTL) Travel


Whether you're versed in it or not, in this day and age you're most likely aware that travelling faster than the speed of light is impossible because it breaks the laws of physics. What an annoying situation for all the dreamers who want to see what's out there.


Why is it impossible (skip this paragraph if you don't care)? Here's a super fast break-down so that you are up to speed but don't get bored. Einstein's theory of relativity states that the faster you go, the more mass you have (ie you get heavier). The more mass, the harder it is to go faster. As you get faster it takes more and more energy to go faster until it requires an infinite amount of energy. It would take an inifinite amount of energy just to match the speed of light and we're not even close to that.


So if it's so impossible how do we do it? Very simply really. We cheat.


So how do we cheat the laws of physics. Well Einstein again answered that for us. You see there's another part of relativity that says that the faster you go, the slower time passes for you. That means if you're going really fast, a day for you would pass at the same rate that a week would for everyone else. Consider yourself trapped in live slow motion.


The fact that time can slow down means that it can also be sped up. This is the key. Imagine that we could speed time up a million times inside a bottle. That means that a million years in the bottle would pass in the time for one of our years. Turn that into a billion times and you could re-evolve the human species in just one year.


So how does this apply to space travel? Well we need to make a much larger bottle that fits a space ship inside. Turn up the speed of time inside that bottle and boom, we sail anywhere we want in the universe in a matter of hours! Voila!


Ok not so simple because now you're all a billion years old. Really doubt a pile of dust is going to be please with going anywhere. To fix this we need a bottle within the bottle. The space ship with all its rockets and whatnot experience time at an ultra excellerated rate while the crew experience everything at a normal pace.



Cheating never felt so good.


There is one obvious gotcha though as there is with everything. While the crew and people at home get the excitement of timely interstellar space travel, the spaceship will need to endure literally billions of years slogging through the universe without running out of power or wearing out.


Ok yes there's another gotcha that I skipped over. How do you make time flow faster in the first place? Good question that I'm very interested in someone solving! I can't have all the answers. The place to start is investigating the proven effect of time slowing down due to high speed. If the cause of that can be found, then conditions for reversing the process can recreated.


Probably not going to happen anytime soon but if this rings true then at least the dreamers have hope again.