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Introduction to film and various sections


(Scene starts with a second person view from the front of the coach for the film)

Coach: "Hello and welcome to the Soccer Handbook. This video has been put together to be a guide for anyone who is interested in improving their soccer game. It is also an invaluable tool for the first-time coach. This video is broken down into 3 sections.

The first section will cover the basic skills needed to play the game. I'm not talking about just showing you how it's done, I'm going to show and tell you EXACTLY how to do each skill. This will not only help you make sure you're doing things right but it will make it easier to find out where you're going wrong. If you're a coach then you will also be able to take advantage of the drills and min-games that I will demonstrate.

The second section will move everything to the next level. More advance skills and strategies will be described, demonstrate, and thoroughly explained. Drills form the first section will be enhanced and new ones will be introduced to challenge these new skills.

The third section will not be like the first 2 sections. This section will not work on any skills but will instead focus only on strategy and line-ups. The pros and cons of a variety of line-ups as well as tactics to defeat opponents' strategies.

I can't wait to get started so let's move onto the first section."