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Section 1

Part 1 - Basic Soccer Stance and Coordination Intro


(Scene starts out with a couple of scenes of players in a varied of different stances and movements. Stances like defending a player, controlling the ball and shielding the ball).

Coach: "Before we break out the soccer balls we're going to briefly cover how to move, run and stand when playing soccer. To many of you this section may seem a little bit unnecessary but you would be surprised how many people young and old are doing simple things like running and standing incorrectly. Correcting small things like this early on in a pleayer's development can have a profound effect on their play early and later on. Running incorrectly can also lead to early break-down of knee and hip joints due to excessive impact and pressures; therefore, acting now to correct coordination issues is important not only for soccer playing but also for ensuring long term joint health."

(at the end of the text fade to a scene of an elderly man or woman or borth doing some light jogging or something)