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Part 5 - Important Tip


Coach: "Alright so we've gone through a whole lotta info on how to move yourself around when you're near the ball, got the ball, or you've got somewhere to go, so now what do you do if you're not near the ball and don't really have to get anywhere? Although it doesn't happen all that often in soccer, there are times when the ball can go from one end of the field to the other very quickly. If you're a defender and you're not ready when that forward takes off you're in big trouble. So what do you do? The trick is to always be in the 'ready position'. It may sound simple but it's not. It's not easy to be in an aggressive posture at all time, especially for beginners. It can be tiring if you're just standing there, and it can be easy to forget if you get bored easily. So here's the big tip: never stop moving. Even if it means you end up walking in circles it will ensure that since you're already moving, you're ready to go at a moment's notice. Walk backwards and sideways to make sure you're keeping your eyes on the ball at all times. As soon as you take your eye off the game, something will change and catch you off guard."
(start with a face and upper torso shot of the coach and pan and zoom as appropriate to show the motion tha the coach is describing. In the middle it may be good to show some joke scenes like a player sleeping standing up because he got bored)