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Section 2

Part 2 - Passing Intro


(this section will contain many different views of passing and speaking that will be dictated by the director)

Coach: "Passing is the most important skill in soccer. If you can't make a pass then you can't work as a team. If you can't work as a team then it becomes 11 vs 1 with 10 players running distraction. Think of it this way; Can you run faster than the soccer ball? You don't even need to think about that one. The answer is no. No one can. Not only does the ball move fast but it accelerates to full speed instantly. Now if the ball is so much faster than you then it must also be faster than all of the other team. So rather than trying to run around every player on the other team, why don't we pass the ball around them. That way we don't have to run too much and they have to spend that game chasing a ball that is much faster than they could ever be. Passing sounds pretty handy doesn't it? Let's learn how to pass shall we?"

(show little demos of people chasing the ball in a futile effort. Make sure to show different length passes to show just how much faster the ball is. Finish the scene with the coach waving for the view to follow him)