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Section 2

Part 3 - Passing, the Basics


Coach: "There are 2 things when making a pass. The first is how you swing your leg and the second is where you hit the ball with your foot."
(do demo of both while describing them)

Coach: "When you swing your leg the only joint that actually moves is the hip. Your ankle and knee should stay locked in one place for the entire pass. Your ankle must stay locked at a right angle to forward. If you ankle starts wobbling then you will not get any power on your pass."
(do demonstration of bad pass and good pass)

Coach: "before you even swing your leg to make a pass you have to make sure that all your weight has been transferred to your 'planting foot'. In case you're wondering the 'planting foot' is the foot you don't kick with. If you don't transfer all your weight you will end up dragging your 'kicking foot' and you won't get any power in your pass. This same strategy is true for kicking and shooting too, so remember it."
(have the coach be a little comically patronizing when explaining which foot is the 'planting foot'. Be sure the coach demonstrates the weight transfer motion)

Coach: "Your knee needs to be bent slightly; your hip and knee control what height your foot is at. If your knee starts swaying in either direction then you will likely hit the ball either in the wrong spot or at the wrong angle. Both will cause the ball to go anywhere but where you want it to"
(do demonstration of bad pass and good pass)

Coach: "Where you hit the ball is also very important. You want to hit the ball with the centre of your arch."
(point and show)
Coach: "When you hit the ball you must contact the ball anywhere from the centre up."
(point and show)
Coach: "If you contact the ball on its lower hemisphere the ball will leave the ground and your teammate will have a tough time controlling it"
(demonstrate a pass going up in the air to another player and have them have trouble controlling it. Make their control trouble convincing)
Coach: "To get the most power behind a pass, contact the ball right in the middle, along the ball's equator so to speak. To change the power of your pass without altering the speed of your leg, simply strike the ball at a higher point."
(demonstrate 3 or 4 different strength passes showing this technique)

Coach: "Now let's work on your aim. When you make a pass the ball will travel in the same direction that your hips are pointing. If this isn't happening then you're probably going wrong somewhere. The ball travels in that direction because that's the way your leg moves."
(do close-up demonstration while talking)
Coach: "Sure your leg can move in other directions but those aren't going to get you any power, or accuracy, and will likely throw you off balance."
(do demos where the passes are weaker and/or the ball goes in funny directions. Have a target person to show where the ball was supposed to go)
Coach: "You want your foot to be available to take a step should you need to accelerate right away."
(do quick demo)