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Section 2

Part 4 - Pass Reception


(many different views between demo and speech that is directed by script and director)

Coach: "Basic pass reception can seem like a simple enough skill. In truth it can be sometimes more difficult than making the pass in the first place. Let's make it simple. In order to receive a pass all you have to do is let the ball hit your foot. Now the question is where do you put your foot. Well your foot is in the same place as if you had just made a pass."
(do the next section while demonstrating)
Coach: "Hold your foot about 3/4 of the way up the ball. Make sure your centre of gracity is right above the point where the ball will be. That means if the ball was right at your feet, you would be looking down right at its centre."
(now show a pass coming with the speech)
Coach: "Now when the ball comes it will hit your foot and bounce between the ground and your foot. This will cause the ball to lose all of its energy and make it stop. The ball should bounce a little bit in front of you right where you want it to be. Sometimes if the pass is really fast it's necessary to bring your foot further back behind you. This creates a better cavity to trap the ball and provides more distance for the ball to bounce and still stop in front of you. You should be able to adjust how fast it's coming at you."
(demonstrate with different strength passes with the coach moving their foot backwards and forwards to get the desired bounce)