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Section 3

Part 1 - Dribbling Intro


(this scene will start out with a bunch of clips of people making dribbling plays, moves and such. Have the coach enter by making a little move or dribbling through some cones or something)

Coach: "So you're all experts in passing now and that's great but what do you do if there's no one to pass to? You could try yelling at your teammates and tell them to get somewhere you can pass to them."
(do a scene where the coach or a player actor yells at someone with words beeped out and such, and then the player comes over and punches him out. Maybe make it a day-dream sequence or something)
Coach: "Perhaps it would be better to dribble the ball instead. Dribbling is a tool that is used to move the ball into a better position for a pass or to line up for a shot on goal. If all your teammates are being checked by the other team then you need to give them an opportunity to get open, or sue this change to move in for a shot on goal."
(do a quick demo of both of those while talking)