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Section 3

Part 3 - Dribbling for Control


(Start scene with close-up of coach)

Coach: "Let's look at dribbling for control first. The key to dribbling for control is to keep the ball as close to you as possible. If the ball is too far in front of you then you won't be able to change directions quickly enough and will likely lose control of the ball. The general soccer 'ready position' that we talked about earlier is perfect for this type of dribbling. It allows you to keep the ball right where you need it; literally right under your nose. If the ball is between your feet and right under you nose then you can make changes in the ball's direction quickly as well as protect the ball from other players by moving your body and legs. When dribbling, use the middle of your feet to contact the ball. If you use your toe or your heel then you will not be able to move the ball with as precise of movements. Again, like passing, make sure you contact the middle of the ball."
(show examples of each. Use small bits of dialogue or text on screen to show which type of dribbling is which)

Coach: "Another important part of dribbling for control is how you step. It's not quite as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, but it's close. When trying to control the ball it is important to make sure both feet are on the ground before you take the other off the ground."
(While the coach is talking have the camera zooming in on their feet to have an example while the dialogue is being spoken)

Coach: "It may not seem like much, but this tiny tip can make a huge difference almost instantly. Watch out for things like this. For some people this kind of motion will come naturally but like all things, not everyone will catch on by themselves. Soccer in terms of body movement is very fluid. If something seems forced or awkward then it's likely you're doing something wrong. Watch out for these forced movements in yourself and others as they are usually simple to fix but can often cause a player to get overly frustrated and not reach their actual potential. It would be terrible if someone quit the sport just because they couldn't quite get the hang of something with an easy fix."
(this whole scene is done with a close-up of the coach. The info in this section is important and people need to take it to heart. Anything that can be done in this scene to get the message across better should be done)