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Section 3

Part 5 - Dribbling Wrap-up


(Start the scene with a couple short clips of people dribbling the ball. Be sure to show many different types with close-ups of the key points we talked about).

Coach: "Ok so now you're all well on your way to becoming the best dribblers around. You've learned how to control the ball when there are opposing players around, and you've learned how to hit the turbo and race down the field at top speed. That's all awesome but the most important thing to know about dribbling is that it's not a way to win a game. Remember, no matter how fast you get a dribbling that ball, the ball is still faster than you are. Sure it's a lot of fun and looks really cool, but if you want to be respected by other players and help your team win games, then you've got to know when to dribble and when not to. If you've got the space to dribble then do so, but while you're racing around make sure you've always got your eyes open looking for an awesome pass or a clearing to make a shot on goal. Soccer is a team game and no one person can do it alone. Don't believe me? Try playing 5 on 1, or 8 on 1, or even 11 on 1. Once you've passed out from exhaustion then come and tell me if you believe me or not."
(Scene is all done with a view of the coach. Start a bit further out and then start zooming in for a closer finish. Coach must be friendly and cordial, but serious when doing the last couple sentences).