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Section 5

Part 1 - Basic Drills for Basic Skills


(scene starts with some clips of a couple fun drills then moves to a front view looking at the coach)

Coach: "This section Is mostly for coaches but players should be encourage to bring new ideas to their coaches. In this section I'm going to introduce to you a number of effective drills that focus on specific skills. These drills are unique in that they're all games and fun to do. Just because a drill is fun doesn't mean that it doesn't help fitness and promote skill development. Healthy competition helps players to reach for a new level. Everyone loves to win, so players are willing to try new if it means they get a few bragging rights. A fun pressure-free environment is an ideal place for players to try new skills or moves that they may not be comfortable with trying in a match. Having fun in a practice can also help build team camaraderie. Competing against each other can help players build respect for the abilities of one another. This will make for much improved team play in matches as players will be more comfortable passing the ball to other players. It's a team game and teams that play best as a group instead of a group of individuals do better. It's up to us as players and coaches to do all we can do to help our teams play as a group."