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Section 5

Part 11 - Simon Says Wrap-up


(Start this scene with a couple quick clips of 'Simon Says' in action. Have clips from both stage one and stage two)

Coach: "'Simon Says' is a great game because it can keep players engaged for longer than many other drills. By engaged I mean they're working hard as well as developing their skills. This helps not only to improve skill, but also fitness and control of the ball while fatigued. An adult soccer game is 90 minutes in length so payers will often be called upon to keep their skill level up, even as they get tired near the end of the game."
(do a quick scene of a player dribbling by another payer who is super tired. Make sure the tired player looks really tired and the other player doesn't, to add humour as well as to illustrate the point being made)

Coach: "Stage one of 'Simon Says' is great for practicing dibbling and encouraging players to try things they normally wouldn't have chance to. You can tell players to try a neat move or to do a quick turn, something they might not risk during a game or another drill. Stage one is made better by the fact that there are many players all around. Although these players aren't trying to take the ball, they will get in the way and players will be forced to learn to control their ball while dribbling. Sometimes players will dribble slow to stay in their comfort zone. This can easily be overcome by telling everyone to dribble faster, and then faster, and then faster. Continually telling players to dribble faster is usually more effective than telling them to go their maximum speed. Telling them to go faster and then faster still forces them to push beyond what would normally be their comfortable max. This will probably cause a bit of anarchy in the box but it's well worth it."
(show a quick clip of some players dribbling fast in the box. Make sure to use a scene where the players do not hit anyone. It may be best to focus on one player to get the best view)

Coach: "Stage two of 'Simon Says,' of 'The Game,' is good fun but it also teaches a number of important skills. Players will learn very quickly how to shield the ball from opponents as well as keeping it under control. If they lose control while dribbling it will make it that much easier for others to eliminate them. The same is true if they are unable to shield the ball. Shielding the ball is a skill we will cover in the 'Intermediate Skills' section. Beginner players will not need to know all the details of proper shielding that a more experienced player will, so introducing it in this fashion makes good sense. It will give beginner players a chance to develop a basic understanding of complicated body motions and positions. Let's get them passing and dribbling straight first, shall we?"