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Section 5

Part 14 - Capture the Flag


(Start this scene with a full view of 'Capture the Flag' in action. Pan the camera so that closer-up views of certain things can be taken)

Coach: "'Capture the Flag' is by far one of the most entertaining games that you can do in a practice. 'Capture the Flag' is like dodge ball but in soccer form, but with the flag as the ultimate goal for winning. The playing field is a large rectangular area with a divider down the middle and a ball on a cone at either end. Each ball on a cone is protected by a half circle of cones. Like dodge ball, each team must stay on their respective half of the field. A team wins a round if they eliminate all opposing players, or if they knock the other teams' ball of its cone."
(as the coach describes the playing field, have the camera pan across a setup 'Capture the Flag' field. Make sure the camera is centered on the parts the coach is describing, as they describe them. Switch back to the coach after they're done talking about the field. Right at the end do a shot of a player passing a ball and knocking one teams' ball off its cone)

Coach: Let's do a break-down of some of the specifics.
- As with most soccer drills, no player can use their hands at anytime.
- A player is eliminated from the game if they are hit below the knees by a ball in motion. The exception to this is if the ball was passed by a teammate.
- In order to avoid being eliminated, a player has a couple of options:
   1) They can dodge the ball completely; this could be a problem if there is an unsuspecting teammate behind them.
   2) They can go down on one knee so that the ball hits them above the knees; this is the best method but isn't always the safest.
   3) They can pass a ball that they already have to deflect an incoming ball away; NOTE: if one of those balls comes back and hits them below the knees then that player is eliminated.
   4) They can put their foot down on the ball they have so that the incoming ball bounces of it and doesn't hit them below the knees; this is probably the worst idea but sometimes desperate times call for crazy ideas.
- I mentioned that a player can go down on one knee to stop themselves from getting eliminated. If a player goes down on both knees then that player is eliminated.
- A player is also eliminated if they pass the ball and it hits someone above the knees. Players must learn to pass the ball on the ground as well as to play it safe. The last thing we need is a bunch of bloody noses on the 'Capture the Flag' field.
- If a player passes the ball and it goes too high but doesn't hit anyone, then they get a warning. If they kick it too high again in the same round then they are eliminated. The more panicked or desperate a team gets, the more likely this is to happen.
- Eliminated players should take an active role in fetching runaway soccer balls for their teammates. The more soccer balls their remaining players have, the more likely thy will win the round. These eliminated players may not enter the playing field and may not cross the centre line to fetch soccer balls.
- Each team gets one goalie. If a goalie is eliminated then a new player may take their place. The goalie, like all players, may not enter the half-circle crease around the ball on the cone; however, the goalie is the only player who is allowed to go down on both knees.
- A goalie gets eliminated just like any player. Since they are down on both knees, this is usually done by hitting them on their legs from the side. Typically the ball will get knocked off its cone before a goalie gets knocked out, but sometimes a goalie will kick their leg out and sacrifice themselves in order to save a goal.
- Most of the time a goalie will stay right on the edge of the crease in order to be closest to the ball on the cone. When making the field, be sure to make the crease big enough so that the other teams will have a chance to score."
(during this whole segment switch between normal views of the coach and clips of 'Capture the Flag' in action to best illustrate the points the coach is making)