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Section 5

Part 15 - Capture the Flag Wrap-up


(this scene is done with normal view of coach)

Coach: "So that's the long and short of 'Capture the Flag.' 'Capture the Flag' is a fantastic drill not only because it's really fun to play, but also because it teaches some very important aspects to the game of soccer. 'Capture the Flag' forces you to be aware of what's going on around you. Awareness is a very important skill for all sports. The more you are aware of what's around you, the smarter the play you can make. 'Capture the Flag' also gives a player lots of practice making hard, fast passes and keeping them low to the ground. Trying to hit the ball off the cone helps players learn to make very accurate long distance passes. Quality passing is the most essential skill in soccer, and should be practiced constantly no matter how talented a player may be. 'Capture the Flag' is therefore a game that can and should be played by players of all ages and skill levels."