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Section 5

Part 2 - Top Gun


Coach: "This game is very appropriately named as the goal is to shoot down opposing players by hitting them in the leg with the soccer ball. Naturally, in order for a hit to count the player must be hit below the knees. Since the tendency is for players to get excited and kick the ball too high, a coach must monitor the game carefully and inflict penalties for breaking the rules. In this case simple exclusion or time out from the game is a simple enough solution. Usually one warning will calm them down but sometimes a short time sitting out is needed. Be sure, especially with younger players, not to be too harsh. They may feel as though they are being singled out and will lost interest in participation. Simply remind them that if they focus on playing the game properly and safely then they will get to play as much as anyone else."
(this whole scene is done facing the ocah).

Coach: "Ok let's do a complete break-down of the game.
- There are two teams of equal size and equal skill level.
- One team has all the balls and the other team cannot touch a ball
- The game is played in a square marked by cones. Make sure the square isn't too big or the game will go on for too long. Likewise, don't make it too small or it will be over too quickly. Try out a size and if it's too big or small then adjust it accordingly.
- The round is over when all players on the fleeing team are eliminated
- Fleeing team members are eliminated if they leave the square or if a ball hits them below or on the knees.
- Attacking players must dribble the ball while they try to hit fleeing players; however, they may carry additional balls in their arms to use after they shoot the one they were dribbling.
- Attacking players must pass the ball with their feet in order to hit and eliminate fleeing players
- Attacking players can go anywhere. The will need to so they may fetch soccer balls that missed and left the square.
- Attacking players must sit out for a round (or a reasonable amount of time) if they hit an opposing player above the knees, or if they continue to kick the ball high after several warnings.
- After a round the teams switch roles and the other team become the attacker
- The game is stopped after any equal number of rounds."
(start with the camera on the coach but then switch to scenes describing the various rules. Some pictures or graphics should be used to help with understanding).