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Section 5

Part 8 - Head Catch


(Start this scene with a bunch of clips of headers. Have a variety of awesome headers and regular headers)

Coach: "Ok now it's time to do a drill that doesn't use your feet. You even get a chance to use your hands in this drill. Don't worry I haven't gone loco. I'm talking about practicing headers. The name of this game is 'Head-Catch.' It's a very simple game that is great for teaching first time players to not fear heading the ball. For more experienced players it teaches being prepared and thinking on your feet, something that a player must be good at if they're to control the ball and make a smart play at the same time."
(end this scene with a quick action shot of someone trapping or controlling the ball with opposing players all around and then have them make a nice pass. This needs to show that the player can work hard and play smart at the same time)

Coach: "Here's how the game works. There is only one ball and it is with the coach. The players from a circle around the coach that is big enough for them to make headers back to the coach. The coach will go around the circle tossing the ball to players so that they will be able to head it back. Just before the ball reaches the player the coach will yell either head, or catch. If the coach yells head, the player will head the ball back to the coach. If the coach yells catch, the player must not head the ball, but catch it in their hands. If the player performs the wrong action, like catching it when they should've headed it, then that player is eliminated and must sit down. Play continues until only one player (the winner) is left. A few practice rounds can be good to make sure players at least get a chance to try. Players who always get eliminate right away will quickly tire of the game. Also do not feel as though you have to go in order. Sometimes going around the circle in random order can help to catch players off guard and keep everyone focused on the game."
(do a quick scene of the game in action)

Coach: "'Head-Catch' is a very simple game and therefore gets redundant quickly. It is best used more as a time filler while someone is setting up cones or as an activity if you're splitting your team into groups. Try to keep the groups small - no more than ten or so players per coach. Feel free to add additional coaches (if available) to make the game faster and therefore more exciting for the player."
(end the scene with a clip of two coaches doing head catch fast)