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Section 5

Part 9 - Head Catch Wrap-up


(Start the scene with a regular front view of the coach)

Coach: "Although very simple 'Head-Catch' is a very good tool for teaching headers. For young kinds or firs timers don't be afraid to go so far as dropping the ball on their head. Once they see that it doesn't hurt you can start to toss the ball to them and get them into the game. Since it is a game and not a drill it will motivate those beginner players to learn quickly and get involved. For older or more experienced players you can toss the ball higher and hold off calling head or catch until the very last moment. A coach must be able to adapt to the variety of skill levels players are likely to have on a team. 'Head-Catch' is a terrific way to teach headers to players of all skill levels, without having to exclude anyone."