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Section 6

Part 1 - Prelude to Intermediate Skills


(show a number of clips of intermediate skills like shooting, trapping, and volleys)

Coach: "So now that you've got a firm grasp on the basic skills needed to play soccer, let's expand your horizons to some intermediate level skills. Intermediate skills tend to be more exciting to practice than their basic counterparts because they are more challenging and exciting to perform. We must therefore be careful not to get caught practicing only intermediate skills. We can be as fancy and flashy as we want, but if we can't make a basic pass perfect every time, those fancy intermediate skills quickly become good for nothing."
(do a scene where one team is doing some fancy skill like passing with volleys, then have the other team steal the ball, make a couple nice passes, then score. At the end of the scene show the score to be like 8-0 or something. Make sure the viewer sees the score change from 7 to 8 when the goal is scored so it's absolutely clear which team is beating who)