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Section 6

Part 10 - Distance Passing


(show a couple of clips of long distance passes to players that are wide open. Most will probably end with a great shot or another long pass and nice shot)

Coach: "We've looked at a couple of types of kicks now, including shooting, long kicks, and chipping. We're going to finish of this kicking section with a kick that is a mix of shooting and passing. That of course is distance passing. By now we all know of the side foot pass. This simple short distance pass is used 99% of the time in soccer. The side foot pass is great for short to medium range and you can get a fair bit of power behind it. Sometimes though there aren't any players close by to pass too, or the opposing team has you trapped in an area and you need to get it out quick without losing possession. The side foot pass just isn't quick enough or strong enough to travel the distance, or to get past the other team before they can stop it. For this you need distance passing."
(do most of scene in normal view. End the scene with a clip of a second person view of a player making a nice distance pass out of trouble. The camera should be behind and slightly to the side of the passing player. The receiving player should also be visible. Near player level camera position will help the viewer see when the pass is appropriate)

Coach: "As I mentioned, the distance pass is like shooting. In fact it's basically a mini-shot. The idea behind a distance pass is to keep the ball no higher than shoulder level. Waist level is ideal. If it goes any higher, the receiving player will have trouble controlling the ball and your team may lose possession. All body, foot, and ankle positions are exactly the same as they are for a shot. All you need to do is adjust your kicking power to suit the situation. Obviously you don't want to kick it hard enough to knock teeth out, but you want it to get to the player quickly."
(start normal view. Show a scene or two or replay the same scene in varying speed, of a payer being smoked in the face by a teammate. End with the coach demonstrating the distance pass. Maybe show them doing it from a couple perspectives)

Coach: "Unlike normal short distance passing, it is actually beneficial to make the ball go in the air for a distance pass. This will actually allow you to kick the ball further with less energy. Because the ball is not rolling on the ground and slowing down, it will go much further than an equal powered pass on the ground. Try to kick the ball so that it wil land or bounce almost right at the receiving player's feet. This will make it a much easier pass to control. If it lands or bounces too soon, or doesn't land at all, the receiving player will have to trap the ball out of the air and then control it on the ground before they can do anything with it. If the ball lands at the player's feet, they won't have to trap it and will be able to move the ball up the field that much quicker. It will also be easier for them to dodge an opposing check if one's coming."
(show many demo clips in this scene. Try to show examples of what to do and what not to do as best possible, but keep it rolling with the coach's dialogue)