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Section 6

Part 11 - Distance Passing Wrap-up


(show only a few quick clips of distance passes)

Coach: "So that's distance passing. Remember the most important points to distance passing are keeping the ball no higher than shoulder level, and to make it land right at the receiving player's feet. Those are the key points to making a perfect distance pass. Like chipping, distance passing is select situation only. Switching the ball from one side of the field to the other is one such situation. Switching is a great tool for breaking down an opposing team's defense, but we'll talk more about that later. Don't get into the habit of trying to make lots of distance passes up the field. This is a thing called 'kick and run' where one player kicks it up the field and another chases after it. This strategy seems exciting because it gets the ball up the field in a hurry; however, 90% of the time this play will result in the other team getting the ball, and as we all know, the team with the ball is the only team that can score. So use those distance passes wisely to keep possession of the ball and it'll be your team scoring the goals."
(illustrate with demo clips what the coach is discussing. End in normal coach view)