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Section 6

Part 4 - Shooting Wrap-up


(show a couple quick clips of shots. Maybe have some younger players in there, not just older and/or professional players. That will help younger players to realize that they can do it too)

Coach: "So now you're all on your way to being terrific shooters. If you aren't quite getting it right away, don't be afraid to try different foot angles and approach angles. You may also need to adjust the bend in the knee of your planting leg. If you're bending it too much you'll kick the ground. If you're not bending it enough you'll end up kicking the ball with the tip of your toe instead of your laces. People don't all work in quite the same way so you may need to do some fine tuning. When the resulting shot is good and the motion feels smooth and natural, that's when you've got it. I guarantee that if you stick with it and work hard, you'll surprise even yourself."