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Section 6

Part 6 - Long Kicks Wrap-up


(show a few quick clips of 'Long Kicks'. Be sure they are different from the ones at the intro to 'Long Kicks'. Again try to use on or two younger players, guy and/or girls, to show that anyone can do it)

Coach: "'Long Kicks' are great for getting the ball out of trouble and up the field in a hurry. They can be used to literally save goals and to gibe your team time to regroup. The main problem is that your team will almost always lose possession of the ball after a long kick. For this reason it is best to use them only when necessary and to do normal passes up the field instead. A few places where 'Long Kicks' are absolutely necessarily are 'Corner Kicks,' 'Free Kicks,' and 'Goal Kicks.' All of these things happen often in soccer, so practice up so you can do them all perfect every time."