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Section 6

Part 7 - Chipping Intro


(show just a few quick clips of players chipping. Include one of a forward chipping the keeper and scoring a goal)

Coach: "Another very useful form of shooting is 'Chipping'. 'Chipping' is a skill that doesn't come in handy too often, but when it does it's a good one to know. First off, what is a chip? A chip is a sort of miniature long kick. The ball goes up into the air, but unlike a long kick, doesn't travel very far. The most popular use for a chip is for 'Chipping' the goalie. This is done usually on a breakaway when the goalie comes out to meet the player. Rather than trying to dibble or shoot around the goalie, a player can simply chip the ball right over the goalie's head and into the goal. In that case a long kick would have gone too high and missed the net completely. Other uses for the chip are passes through traffic or for dodging a check while dribbling. Now that you've got an idea of what a chip is and when it's used, let's go see how it's done."
(start normal view. Show a clip of the coach or a player chipping a goalie. Make sure it's different form the scoring clip in the intro. Show clips for each of the other chip uses)