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Section 6

Part 9 - Chipping Wrap-up


(show a bunch of chipping clips. Focus more on in game chipping than goal scoring chips. Make sure that there do not appear to be any other passing, dribbling, or kicking options available to the player who makes the chip)

Coach: "Chipping is a fun and useful skill. It is a great tool to add to your belt and can help in many different situations. As your chipping improves you will discover more and more situations you can use it. For all its many uses, chipping is only really appropriate in a select few circumstances. Do not use a chip I place of a normal pass, or go around looking for excuses to do chips. Only chip pass to players who have time to control the ball out of the air. It doesn't help your team if your player loses the ball because you wanted to look like a hot shot. Besides you'll look even better if you only pull out the chip on special occasions. Happy chipping."
(start in normal view. When the coach's text dictates, show a clip of a player making a chip to another player who has time to control the ball and move on. Passing player should be in trouble from other team. Then show a clip of a player passing to some with no time. Have the receiving player get totally knocked over and the opposing team get the ball. Maybe even have the other team score right away. Perhaps the chipping player should be defense in their own zone. If possible show that the chipping player has other options. Don't focus on that point though. Focus on receiving player. Next do a clip of a player doing a little chip past a defender and scoring a big goal. End with normal view of coach saying last sentence)