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Section 7

Part 2 - Foot Trapping Intro


(show a couple quick clips of foot traps)

Coach: "In order to be able to make a trap regardless of where the ball comes from, a payer will have to learn to trap with parts all up and down their body, including their head. Sometimes a trap will start at the top of the body and move its way down. No matter what though, the ball will eventually finish up on the ground, so were going to start out at the bottom with the most common trap, 'Foot Trapping'. Foot trapping is a trap that uses only your foot, and sometimes your ankle. Nothing else is involved. Trapping got its name because it is a move where you trap the ball between you and the ground, thereby forcing it to stay on the ground and to not bounce away. Foot trapping naturally uses the foot to trap the ball. This trapping is done by angling your foot so that the ball's momentum will either carry it into the ground or into your foot. This will cause the ball to lose its energy and it will stop moving. If done correctly the ball will sop almost instantly and you can dribble or pass it right away. It is this fast and easy move that is the reason you must always always try to pass to a player's feet. If you pass the ball to their chest or thigh then it will take them longer to control the ball, and by then it may be too late to make a pass or to shoot for a goal."
(do most of scene normal view. Show a side view of the foot, ground, and ball during a foot trap when the coach talks about it. Illustrate the points the coach makes at the end of the scene with demo clips)