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Section 7

Part 5 - Chest Balls


(show some quick clips of chest balls. Try to show some clips of women doing them too to show that they can do them too)

Coach: "Ok, now that we've learned the thigh trap, it's time to move another step up the body. It's time to learn chest balls. Chest balls are terrific because they can be used effectively no matter how fast the ball is coming at you. When done correctly and used in conjunction with the other trapping methods we've covered, chest balls can be used to turn an innocent looking play into a scoring opportunity."
(start normal view. End with a scene where a player is taking the ball off their chest with other players around. Have the player take the ball off their chest and make a nice play to set up a goal, or make a nice shot after a foot trap)

Coach: "Like with other traps, angles are very important in chest balls. In this case we will be creating an angle on our chest by bending our back. As with other traps we want to keep the ball as close to us as possible during and after the trap. The idea then for chest balls is to deflect the ball straight up in the air off the chest. By deflecting the ball straight in the air we are ensuring than the ball will not travel any distance away from us other than up. Gravity will do the rest and the ball will fall right at our feet. A quick foot trap and we're on our way."
(start normal view. Show side, full body view of the coach with a line graphic showing the angle made by the back and chest. For deflecting sentences show a slow motion side view of the coach doing a chest ball. Use line graphics to show the angles and the ball trajectory that results. Finish with a normal speed view of the same chest ball. Have the coach do a foot trap and dribble off the screen)

Coach: "The area of your chest that you're aiming for is at the top of the breast bone, just a little below the collar bone. If you press your fingers along that spot, you will feel a part that sticks out a little further than the rest. That's the spot you want. This spot is best because it is very well supported by the rib cage. In theory, this means that doing a chest ball in this area shouldn't hurt no matter how hard the ball was kicked. For guys, this is also the flattest part of your chest which allows for much better control. For women, this spot is also great because it's just above the spot that will hurt if you try to chest with it. I'm sure you ladies all know what I mean. Guy or girl, if you use that spot on your chest I promise you'll barely feel a thing."
(start normal view. Have the coach point to the spot on the chest to use. Pan and zoom as appropriate to best show the spot. Normal view for the rest of the scene. Have coach use hand motions and such to help illustrate their point. End scene with a few clips of guys and girls doing chest balls. Make most of them zoomed in clips so that the view can see the chest ball in detail)