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BrowserOSA desktop OS built on web technology. The concept is to provide a windowed interface with short cuts to various web applications (office, email, storage, etc). The long-term goal is to use the OS to replace the need for a typical desktop OS, and have the OS seamlessly manage both local and cloud storage. Everything is kept in sync so that no matter which machine or where you are, just login and you've got your familiar desktop waiting. If software is hosted in the cloud (ie web based or remote app), then all updates could be automatic and seamless for the user.Scrolling Shooter GameAn HTML5-based scrolling plane shooter game. This version is primarily DOM-based but still uses some useful canvas elements. Designed to be extremely customizable; just upload your own images and the game is created. Eventually full level editors should be possible.DOM LinesProof-of-concept circuit routing using DOM elements only. In theory such a method would result in a cleaner, faster, and more universal end product. Very early on but it clearly demonstrates the ability to draw and move lines like you would in any schematic editor, all without anything but simple DOM manipulation.