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Drag ListA simple drag and drop list for web applications. Written in JavaScript with no external dependencies.File BrowserA PHP and JavaScript file browser with no external dependencies. Has support for local files and ftp drives. Supports dragging files between browser windows and from your local machine. Copy, Cut, and Paste with typical drag and drop also supported.Condensed JSONFor large groups of repeating data (ie database select results), significantly reduce the size of your JSON string by removing the duplicated key definitions. Restore them after a successful transmission to process as normal. Great for reducing bandwidth and transmission delays, and reduce storage space when used for saving data. Classes written for PHP and JavaScript make this a simple to apply tool for client server relationships.Direct SMTP EmailOriginally written by Vasyl Rusanovskyy but since then heavily modified by yours truly. Enhancements include support for multiple recipients on one connection, pdf attachments and inline base64 images for HTML emails. Could use some updating but is a great, lightweight, reliable method for getting versatile email functionality going with little effort.Database ClassesOriginally written by Ricocheting for MySQL databases but since then heavily modified and ported to MSSQL and SQLite. Takes care of the time-consuming insert and update command construction, as well as proper handling of NULLs and escaping unsafe characters. Also has a built-in database update system for facilitating automatic database updates. Great error information while developing. Written in PHP.