Off The Bricks?

Off The Bricks is best defined by its inverse, On The Bricks. To be On The Bricks is to be making little to no progress at something you hope to achieve while being in denial with others (and usually yourself) about how much effort (or how effective the effort) you're putting in.

So then to get Off The Bricks is to stop being On The Bricks and start actually making progress (or finally actually try).


Our Purpose

We're here to push forward new ideas and to prevent them from languishing in the shadows. Whether it's our idea or someone else's, if it's good, we want to help it along. Our favorite ideas are those that challenge the status quo, or take a whole new approach to tackling a problem. Basically we're fans of ideas that don't fit the mold, but still have some solid reasoning behind them.



Some ideas you've just got to let go of. These projects have sadly (but for good reason) languished and don't really fit our technology brand, but we still like them and so here they are.
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