May 1, 2020

Off The Bricks?

What is this, and Why am I Here?

OffTheBricks is a place where thoughts and ideas are saved from sitting on the bricks. Being on the bricks means you're slow and uninspired, whereas off the bricks is to be free and unencumbered! Sometime good ideas turn out bad, and good ideas turn out bad; the only way to know for sure is to free you, your ideas, or your friends and family from the bricks, and see how far you fly.

If you're here, then you have the chance to read about content that is new and original! Some topics are useful today, whereas others are reaching a bit further out (thought provoking?!). Toss away your preconceptions and read on with a fresh slate. Perhaps what you read will inspire you to evolve the idea, or maybe to send us one of your own; we're a little bit techy for now, but love to dabble in all sorts of things. If you have an idea (or a good or bad comment about our ideas) you want to get off the bricks, let us know!

Whether you stay for a while or go immediately, I hope you'll always challenge what you think you know; you never know what you'll discover, just when you thought you had things figured out. Don't fear this, for discovery is the spice of life!

There is some method to the mayham of course; here are some quick links to our apps and articles.