Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are apps that run on a phone, tablet, or computer the same as any app, except they are installed and powered via web browsers instead of other means. To install on your phone or tablet just click on the link of the app, and the browser will offer you an 'install' or 'add to home' button. To install on a computer, just click the link and you're done; bookmark it to find it again easier.

PWAs are still a new and evolving technology, so your experience may differ depending on your platform.


A simple and straightforward notes app. Runs in a browser but can be loaded and used without an internet connection. To install just click the link above (that's it). Bookmark the page for easy access, or if you're on a phone, add it to your home page like any other app.

Has cross device sync capabilities but uses experimental "Managed Resource System" technology, which is not ready yet for open source. Reach out if you like the app, and want to hussle this along.


A handy score pad which automatically totals columns. Add as many players as you like. Load once, and works offline after that! Install or bookmark from your browser so you're always ready for a game!