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Double Agent

A game similar to Mafia or Among Us, but played in-person with friends or family! Just visit the link below to download the app, and you're ready to join a game. If you're hosting, you'll need to first create a game template that configures the game for how you'd like to play.

Select rooms or areas to play in, based on wherever you are. Complete missions to win, or discover who the Double Agent is before they get you first! Use Mission Rush mode to play without a Double Agent, and just race to see who can complete their missions first.

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A simple and straightforward notes app. Runs in a browser but can be loaded and used without an internet connection. To install just click the link below. Bookmark the page for easy access; if you're on a phone, press "install app" in your browser settings to use it like any other app.

Is equipped with cross device sync capabilities, available upon request.

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Code Scanner

A feature-rich QR code scanner. Now you can save scans, make notes about them, and regenerate the QR code to share with others; you can even create your own QR codes right in the app. Suffer built-in scanners no more with this helpful app.

Make sure you have given your web browser permission to use your device's camera.

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A handy score pad which automatically totals columns. Add as many players as you like. Load once, and works offline after that! Install or bookmark from your browser so you're always ready for a game!

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A convenient photo gallery useful for keeping your most important photos only a tap away. Stores photos on your device separate from your other photos, so you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting them.

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An original board game played on a board similar to a chess board. Play with your device placed between you and your opponent. Get your pieces to the other end, or 'Mush' your opponent to score double points.

This version is not equipped with a computer opponent mode.

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Rain Catcher

An original game where you catch rain, and dodge falling debris. Complete the campaign levels, or go for the high score in endless mode. Three levels of difficulty makes this a game for all skill levels.

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Qik Card

A text and graphic positioning app which can be used for creating greeting cards, blended image scenes, progress tracks, and more. Good for both mobile and desktop. Results can be printed, or exported as a single combined image file.

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